Tooth Filing on Bali

The exorcism of evil

Just about 90%of the Balinese adhere to a fascinating belief, a potent mixture of some particular elements of animism and spirits, widespread on the island before the great Indian traditions of Hindu and Buddhist touched the island. More so than other Indonesian peoples, the Balinese vigorously re-enforced their unique traditions since Indonesian independence in 1948. This is one of the reasons; it is not exceptional to witness a toot filing ceremony during your time on the island. This not entirely painless process is part of the manusa yadnya, the cycle of rituals, marking various points of transition humans undergo in the span of a lifetime. They are meant to ensure the well-being of every human being, on a spiritual and material level. The toot filing marks the end of parental care for every young man and girl. It is usually performed a pedanda or hindu priest at the beginning of puberty and meant to purify the subject of animal-like features and behavior.

This and other transition ceremonies, can turn into elaborate parties with hundreds of guests, entertained by dancers and fierce gamelan music. Rich families will hire a video shooting team to capture the events!