A people`s celebration

The ten day festive period between Galungan and Kuningan, ends with a popualar and colorful pilgrimage. For two days, people from all over Bali, will pay massive hommage to two sacred temples on a tiny island in front of the southern shores of Bali. Although a bridge connects Serangan with Bali, many people still prefer to cross from Belanjong beach by jukun, a traditional Balinese sailing vessel.

You are not allowed to enter these 10th century sanctuaries on Serangan, but joining in with the women, men and children, all dressed in graceful ceremonial outfit, is an unforgettable experience. Sometimes the tide is so low, you can actually walk across. Once on Serangan, you will be absorbed by the crowd, chanting, praying and meditating. Maybe you are lucky enough to be around, when the devotees ferry in huge, towering puppets. They are constructed once every 210 days solely to perform in the barong landung dance. A big fair takes place outside the temple premises, adding festive accents to the atmosphere.