Lombok From a Different Perspective


airport - Kuta (South Lombok)

Upon arrival meeting service with your guide and proceed directly to the southwestern coast of Lombok, blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The road leads past stunning scenery, with steep valleys reaching out to the sea. At a place that resembles the end of the world, dozens of giant fishing platforms float in a tropical haze on the gentle swaying ocean surface. A small outrigger boat will take you to one of the semi- uninhabited islands right in front of you. It is a lovely leisurely trip, meandering past the bamboo bagian, offering a distinct view of the mountainous coastline. While waiting for lunch, you can soak in the tropical ambiance, only interrupted by an occasional diver or lonely swimmer. The surrounding seascape is dotted with little islands of a similar nature. Most of them see little or no human activity. Ample time for walking, swimming and snorkeling. Just outside the coast within easy reach there are beautiful corals, teeming with tiny tropical fish ! This is one of the best spots to explore the fascinating underwater world of Indonesia. Onwards drive further down south. You will pass by villages of thatched houses traditionally built on hilltops or along a river.. Surrounding these Sasak villages are cultivated fields of ubi kayu and ubi jalar, both types of sweet potato, and other subsistence crops. Life is hard in this isolated, sparsely populated, dry, and scrubby region, a land of water buffalos and women in black clothing.

Kuta, Lombok

Day at leisure, explore Kuta on your own or enjoy the hotel facilities. The hotel itself is built in the fashion of Sasak Village adding distinct local flavor to its marvelous architecture, right on a semi-deserted beach. The south of the island remains largely undeveloped. Here one finds the most beautiful beaches of the island and mile upon mile of curving bays with pure white sand. Kuta, a tiny fishing village, is the natural end-point of a day full of exiting exploration of the central and western part of Lombok.

Kuta, Lombok - Senaru

On the road east to Lombok, catch intermittent views of mount Rinjani looming almost 4.000 m above sea level. The dry eastern half of Lombok has much less contact with tourists than the rest of the island. Here more than anywhere else women wear the typical sarung kebaya. The fieldworkers wear large conical straw hats and live mostly in bamboo huts. On the way visit fisherman village of Tanjung Luar and several villages with ample activity producing local handicrafts. Each area of village, specializes in a certain craft. There are pottery, blacksmith and rattan weaving communities. The people of one village excel in assembling traditional canoes, while another is heavily involved in traditional salt mining. Just before trusting in the southern slope of Mount Rinjani, it is worthwhile to visit Kampung Nelayan, with its traditional harbor and fish market.

Slowly the landscape changes from a dry, arid type into lush rainforest-like environment. After a long drive up, suddenly you'll have a stunning view on the twin villages of Sembalunlawang and Sembalunlumbung, magnificently tucked away in the northeast flank of the mighty Rinjani, the second highest peak of Indonesia.

Then it is onward to the small villages of Batu Koq and Senaru, location of the Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls, where you can swim or bathe. Local belief is that you become a year younger every time you swim behind the falls here.

From your guesthouse in Senaru, you'll have breathtaking view on Mount Rinjani. From here on, the adventurous usually start their courageous trek to the peak.

Senaru - Trawangan

On the way back to the western part of the island, you will visit an traditional village. Several houses have resting platforms attached to them, while inside the inan bale is a small house within a house where newlyweds spend their first night. Otherwise it is used to store rice. Life in the shadow of mighty Rinjani runs at a very slow pace. Continue driving downhill, with some spectacular views on the ocean. Cross to Trawangan, one of the Gili islands, offering truly relaxed island holidays. Motorbikes and cars are not allowed on Trawangan, one of the best kept secrets east of the Wallace Line. With its minimal development, it combines pristine beaches, a crystal clear ocean, a gentle surf and magnificent corals into the ideal island holiday. Check-in in your hotel at Trawangan and start gazing time away !


Today you'll travel slowly in the wonderful eco system of the Gili's Start in mid-morning with your own motorized catamaran. A friendly captain will point out the best spots for a leisurely dive with your own snorkel and fins. An amazing underwater world awaits you. Coral gardens with beaming colors are in a shallow depth, wherever you look, large groups of tropical fish fill the view ! You stop at Gili Meno and Gili Air, each blessed with gentle tropical life style. Horsecarts run by teenagers provide for the transport needs, most is within easy walking distance. In a shimmering distance on the mainland of Lombok, Mount Rinjani guards the laidback, tropical life style of these lucky islands.

Trawangan - Mangsit

Connect back to mainland Lombok by a high speed boat transfer. It is just a short boat ride into a coconut fringed beach on the other side and a short drive into Mangsit. A beautiful coastal road, leads to another hidden paradise. Take your time on the beautiful gardens of your hotel. Explore Mangsit area on your own or enjoy the hotel facilities. You might want to check out Senggigi, a sleepy beach resort nearby. There are some excellent shops in this laidback place, trading ethnic objects from far-flung islands in Southeast Indonesia. Or just gaze from the beach at a shimmering Gunung Agung across the Lombok Strait. According ancient Hinduism, Bali's highest mountain and the Rinjani are mythically connected to one another.

Mangsit - Mataram Airport

Free at leisure till pick up time, meet your guide at hotel lobby for transfer service to Mataram airport to board domestic flight to Denpasar or next destination.