Kelana DMC (PT. Nitya Kelana Indah) is a full fledged Indonesian destination management company. In other words, a company which develops travel products such as itineraries for travel agencies and operators worldwide. The team of Kelana DMC will suggest itineraries, secure hotel reservations and take care of related services such as car rental.

The company was initiated by foreigners, who were so enthusiastic about Indonesia, that they decided to show the beauty of the country to the rest of the world. It continues to be managed by those two Belgians who spend half an active life in travel business.

enthusiasm bears professionalism

Kelana DMC was set up to meet with the highest standard of service in the travel industry. They cater for a number of overseas whole sellers, incentive houses and high-end travel agencies. The company was set up by and continues to be managed by Belgians, who became so enthusiastic about Indonesia, that they decided to show the rest of the world the beauty of the country.

distinctive views

Over the years, they have gathered invaluable experience in dealing with all segments of 'destination management'. They now master the fine art of offering a complete scope of travel products throughout the whole Indonesian archipelago. All their products mix 'must-see', traditional highlights with exciting, off-the-beaten track places, thus creating a prime travel product for the discerning traveler.

a comprehensive travel network in Indonesia

If you choose Kelana DMC as your Indonesian partner, they will be your local contractor, facilitating vital contacts with virtually all hotels. Vehicles of all sizes and in perfect condition are provided by an own transport branch. A true travel network of qualified representatives in the outer islands, guarantees a perfect sail of your project, even in the remotest corners of Indonesia.

as perfect as it can get

Each and every customer is treated uniquely. All can count on the highest level of flexibility, accuracy and a very personal approach throughout the process of conceiving, initial negotiations to the scouting stage until the actual 'production' of your project. Skilled Kelana DMC team members are permanently available to assist your valued customers whenever and wherever they are traveling in the country.

western management ensures clear communication

In all your dealings with Kelana, from day one to the very final stage of your project, you will be talking to professionals, who communicate on the same level as you do. Nobody understands better the needs of western counterparts or the way travel projects in Indonesia can be handled. To the complete satisfaction of the end-users and the organizing party.

The Team